Star City Cycling is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to the growth of youth cycling.

Our Mission

Star City Cycling’s mission is to help young people safely and respectfully experience the rewards and challenges that mountain biking in our Blue Ridge region offers, within a team setting that promotes sportsmanship, fellowship, and personal commitment in the pursuit of competitive and non-competitive mountain bike events.

Our goal is to create a new generation of cycling enthusiasts in the Roanoke Valley and to instill in each of our participants a life-long passion for the sport. We believe that cycling is one of the most effective ways to promote a healthy lifestyle, encourage a love for the outdoors, and teach kids important lessons in sportsmanship, self-reliance, and determination. Since our founding in 2008 as the East Coasters Junior Team, we have introduced countless local boys and girls to the joys of mountain biking and the thrill of competition.

About the Team

We offer membership to boys and girls between 8 and 18. Racing has always been a major part of what we do, however, it is not required. Our program allows kids to develop a mastery of mountain biking skills and have fun with new friends, all while participating in a sport that can lead to a lifetime of active enjoyment.

Why Mountain Biking?

Over the years, our team has amassed an impressive record of racing victories that includes numerous state championships, and national championship podium finishes. Winning races is fun, but that’s not the ultimate goal of our team. Our primary focus is on the positive experiences that bike racing can provide, win or lose, and on the development of strong character and sportsmanship in all of our riders. 

Mountain biking is different from other youth sports. Most kids who play traditional team sports never play again once they graduate from high school. Cycling can provide a lifetime of active enjoyment, and the opportunity to compete at almost any age. Unfortunately, the vast majority of kids drop out of organized athletics by the age of 13. One of the main reasons is that playing time becomes severely limited for all but the most talented athletes. In bike racing, everyone gets to play and no one ever sits on the sidelines.

Biking also provides a great opportunity for kids who are not drawn to or who don’t excel in traditional team sports. Many of these kids are outstanding athletes who simply haven’t found an outlet for their talents. It’s also one of the few sports where physical size is not a major advantage. Riders who are small in stature often produce surprising results against kids who are older or larger.