The Beginners Program is an 8 week introduction to mountain biking open to boys and girls ages 8 and up. It is intended for kids who are already competent neighborhood/greenway bike riders, ready to venture off the beaten path. Weekly practices will be focused on developing basic off-road skills, confidence and endurance. Practice locations will vary from one week to the next as kids develop the skills to handle more challenging terrain. Practices will include repetitive drills on shifting, cornering, braking, body position, etc., followed by the opportunity to apply those skills on the trail. This program will follow a highly structured progressive lesson plan, so regular practice attendance is essential.

The Beginners Program will run from April 1st though May 30th, with practices on Monday and Thursday afternoons. Depending on interest, we may offer a second session in the Fall.

Upon completion of the Beginners Program, you may be invited to join the Adventure Club or the JV Competition Team. Think of this as a tryout. The kids who make the most progress, show the most commitment and demonstrate the best attitudes are the ones we will invite.