We are introducing new programs for 2018 for beginning riders, and for kids who just want to ride for fun without the pressure of competition. If your child is the competitive type, be sure to check out our racing programs.


Membership in the Adventure Club is open to intermediate and advanced level riders aged 9 and up. Members will participate in weekly practice rides focused on skills development, camaraderie and fun. There will also be monthly weekend social rides at various locations around the region, including Carvins Cove, Falling Creek Park, Douthat State Park, and Pandapas Pond. We will make every effort to group riders of similar ability together, but members can expect practices and social rides to move at a casual pace with stops for regrouping as often as necessary.

Members are welcome to race if they choose to do so but there is no racing requirement. No race specific training or instruction will be provided during practice.


The Beginners Program is open to new riders aged 8 and up. Members will attend weekly practices focused on developing basic skills, confidence and endurance. Practice rides may be limited to a small area with repetitive drills on shifting, cornering, braking, body position, etc. Members will remain in the beginners program until they have demonstrated sufficient competence and endurance to advance to the Adventure Club or to the JV Competition Team. Depending on the child, the amount of time spent in the beginners program could range from one week to a full season. Advancement is at the discretion of the coaching staff. Riders who demonstrate sufficient skills during an evaluation ride may skip the beginners program and move directly to the Adventure Cub or the JV Competition Team.