Team Structure

Starting in 2020, the teams previously known as Star City Varsity Race, Junior Varsity, and Adventure Club have been combined into one team: Star City Cycling.

What does this mean?

The team will practice together weekly. At practice, the team will be grouped by skill and fitness level. Racing is still encouraged and remains an important part of the Star City Team. Members are welcome to race if they choose to do so but there is no racing requirement.

Key Initiatives & Goals

  • Safety – continue with small squads for the spring season (will re-evaluate for the summer and fall seasons)
  • Continue/increase skills training (in a balanced fashion)
  • Encourage/support VAHS & NICA racing (in a balanced fashion. Racing is not required.)
  • Provide diversity in weekly practices to include downhill, racing skills, etc.

Weekly Practice

  • Practice will be held one day per week on a weekday.
  • Optional “pick-up” rides during the spring and fall seasons as well.
  • There will also be opportunities for volunteer work at local trails.
  • A weekly email will be sent out to team members with the exact location and time of practice (typically 5:30). Promptness is crucial. Because our “playing field” extends for miles, arriving late could mean the team leaves without you. Plan to arrive early.

Weekly practice rides will focus on building confidence, mastering new skills, and having fun with friends while participating in a sport that will lead to a lifetime of active enjoyment. There will also be occasional social rides at various locations around the region, especially in the summer. We will make every effort to group riders of similar age and ability together.


  • Regular practice attendance is expected. We work on a progression of skills and fitness throughout the season and those kids who attend regularly are the ones who make the most significant progress and have the most fun.
  • We ask that all members make the same commitment that they would make to any other team or sport. Those who miss practice frequently find themselves falling behind as we get deeper into the year. In cases of illness, vacation, or otherwise, please contact your coach so they can plan accordingly.

We understand that members will have a wide range of abilities and experience at the beginning of each season. As the season progresses, if a team member shows a lack of interest in progressing their skills or being on the team, a coach will discuss options with the team member and their parent or guardian.